A semi-professional machine for Office and home usage.

Professionalism, experience and technology.
The excellence of espresso coffee at home.

As part of our vision and our values, FENIX originated as an answer to the new market established in recent years.
FENIX originated from the need to readapt our routines, to bring the “just-like-in- cafes” quality in our homes not giving up the overall experience of a good quality espresso.

FENIX focused on reducing consumptions with the integrated stand-by system and the insulated boiler to avoid heat loss. Together with the stylization of the San Marco’s Lion on the water and steam knobs dominating the working area, FENIX FENIX creates the ideal environment for tasting the ritual of our espresso both at home and at work.

Design is really suitable to fit in any context, thanks to the cover customization in various colours.

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  • Groups n.1
  • Control Lever
  • Supply 3,5 l tank
  • Portioning Grounded Coffee
  • Power 1800 W
  • Voltage 220-230 V
  • Boiler 1,4 l


  • Dimensions 454 x 350 x 420 mm
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Body and front components Chrome-plated steel
  • Logo and details Matt black (stainless steel) Chrome-plated steel (others v.)


The machine allows for the addition of a three-level temperature setting

GR61 lever group i n chrome-plated brass, essential to guarantee absolute reliability and performance in semi-professional and domestic use

Multicolour led on the front panel indicating both machine status and modes.

Hot water and steam wands equipped with anti-scald rubber. High performance "Latte Art"

Automatic stand-by system, the software controls the parameters of the boiler’s heating element through a sensor to improve energy efficiency

Cup tray made of innovative anti-scratch stainless steel

The drip tray is equipped with a quick and safe release mechanism

Full STAINLESS STEEL frame to ensure longer life span and hygiene even in the most demanding environments

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