The highest technology for the most flexible, manageable and high-performance coffee extraction. A real specialist experience.

OTTO is our recommendation for all the enthusiasts and lovers of the Specialty machines world. The design of OTTO is highly shaped by our innovative technical and technological choices. Thanks to our new innovative patents, OTTO is the first espresso coffee machine that allows the user to change the temperature during both the infusion and pre-infusion phase.

OTTO is a cutting-edge high-tech machine, which technological and architectonic core is its special brewing group. An essential part designed to captivate. With its ergonomic controls, it is intuitive and user-friendly. These characteristics make OTTO a unique Specialty machine, with a powerful and unmistakeable style.

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  • Groups n.1
  • Control A
  • Supply Rete
  • Portioning Macinato
  • Power 1400 W - 2800 W
  • Voltage 230-240 V
  • Boiler Vapore 3 l - Boiler 0,75 l (litri)


  • Dimensions 504 x 550 x 512 mm
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Body and front components Acciaio cromato
  • Logo and details Nero opaco (inox)


High performance volumetric counters with dispenser 40,000 impulses per litre

Independent adjustment of the water temperature of the infusion (PID) (thermal resolution at 0,1 º C)

Interactive TFT 4.3” display. Electronic pressure transducer. Integrated virtual keyboard.

Electronic auto-level.

Automatic stand-by system, the software controls the parameters of the boiler’s heating element through a sensor to improve energy efficiency

Stainless-steel steam wands AISI 316l “cool touch”

Electronic pre-infusion

Mixed hot water infusion for tea and herbal teas.

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