The excellence of espresso for bar, coffee shops and restaurants.

QUATTRO represents a turning point of its sector. It’s the result of a synergic and harmonious work among our most valuable assets: our heritage of innovation, our experience and our love for beauty.

QUATTRO is a traditional professional machine equipped with a thermosiphon system, which wants to be a new milestone in its sector. A new design reinterprets, reinvents and blends two classic architectures, which strongly define the current market: the uncovered group and the covered group.

QUATTRO offers the asset of the current covered group machines, with the use of display and keyboard above the brewing group, blended with the charm of machines with uncovered groups, with their visible mechanics.

QUATTRO is a minimalist and delicate machine, very practical on the work station, user friendly, with a large and new control panel above the brewing groups.

QUATTRO is the quintessential synthesis of our history and experience: it boasts cool touch steam wands, energy saving system, TFT display, boiler pressure management, worktop lighting, optional auto-steamer, hot/cold water mixer, dose programming, and system diagnostic. Above all, it has a wide range of customization and management options for setting up the parameters in all the coffee brewing and extraction phases.

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  • Groups n.2
  • Control Electronic
  • Supply Water supply
  • Portioning Grounded Coffee
  • Power 3500 W
  • Voltage 220-240 V
  • Boiler 12 l


  • Dimensions 790 x 610 x 538 mm
  • Weight 26 kg
  • Body and front components Brushed steel
  • Logo and details Matte black


Multifunction TFT 4,3” display.

System diagnostics.

Energy saving system.

Electronic boiler water auto-level

Boiler’s pressure management. Static relays for steam management in the boiler.

Dose programming. The software offers the possibility to program the doses according to the desired volume

Colouring of the selection buttons.

Volumetric Pump and motor with high performance and reliability, to maintain the constant pressure of delivery

Group Flushing (Purge)

Cup warmer.

Workspace LEDS

"Cool Touch" stainless steel steam wands

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