SEI is a high performance, professional machine that is fitted with a multi-boiler heating system. Featuring a distinctive design, tracing the family feeling that is characteristic of the Doge line, which is influenced by the rationalist minimalism of the Bauhaus. A special attention has been given to ergonomics and sustainability, which translate into ease of use and energy efficiency.

This Multi-Boiler technology combines proprietary software with a large touch display for each group that lets you customize the brewing process and monitor the extraction process at all times.

Using the Multi-Boiler technology, you can set a suitable temperature for the brewing of coffee, around 90 degrees, ensuring exceptional thermal stability.

The SEI technology also allows for the thermoregulation of the boiler and the group as well as the differentiation of temperatures between the groups so that maximum thermal flexibility can be achieved in the same machine.
For thermoregulation of the steam boiler, the coffee water boiler, and the brewing group, SEI’s Multi-Boiler technology uses algorithms sequenced by a PID controller.

Through the application of this technology, the various phases of dispensing can be optimized, resulting in the best management of both the low-use and high-use phases of a machine.
In spite of a prolonged pause between dispensings, the quality of the extraction is always maintained.

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  • Groups n.2/3
  • Control Elettronico
  • Supply Rete
  • Steam boiler resistance 4000 W
  • Water-café boiler resistance 800 W
  • Voltage 220-234 V
    380-415 V
  • Steam Boiler 12 l (litri)
  • Water-café boiler 0,8 l (litri)


  • Dimensions 2 gruppi 790 x 610 x 538 mm
    3 gruppi 1030 x 610 x 538 mm
  • Weight 2 gruppi 82 kg
    3 gruppi 96 kg
  • Body and front components Acciaio cromato
  • Logo and details Nero opaco (inox) o Acciaio cromato


Multiboiler Technology

System diagnostics.

Programmable electronic pre-infusion

"Cool touch" stainless steel steam wands

Proprietary software

Group flushing (purge)

Cup warmer.

Electronic boiler water auto-level

Volumetric pump

Indipendent adjustment of the pid infusion water temperature

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